Fahrudin Kučuk – Biography


Fahrudin Kučuk was born in Sarajevo in 1958. He has focused his writing on children's literature. All known literary forms are presented through this genre for children and young people. He has published several novels for children, a collection of poems, stories, and picture books. His novels “Patuljak Dado iz Popova gaja” and “Tajna zvjezdane sobe” have achieved great readership, which is worth mentioning in these literary circumstances, especially when it comes to children's literature.

In late 2006, he published a science fiction novel titled “Čudni gosti,” in which he offers a highly unusual solution to the mystery of the construction of the Egyptian pyramids.

The script “Dado and Jaki vs. the Pirate Captain” is his first attempt in a format intended for the production of animated films for the youngest audience.

His books have received excellent reviews from well-known Bosnian writers and publicists. Midhat Ajanović Ajan, a filmologist and professor of film history in Sweden, recommends Kučuk's books precisely for this kind of presentation and adaptation. In his review of the novel “Tajna zvjezdane sobe” (The Secret of the Starry Room), Ajanović writes: “In favor of the novel ‘Tajna zvjezdane sobe,’ it can certainly be imagined in the form of puppet theater, digital or stop-motion animation, or as a television program, all of which could be distributed on a DVD.”

Kučuk has also finalized a screenplay based on this contemporary Sarajevo fairy tale.

The book “Dedo Hambo and Mačak Bimbo” was awarded at the Book Fair and School Fair in 2009.

His novel “Edo in Animated Film” was awarded in the Foundation for Publishing Sarajevo's competition in 2011. It was published by Dobra knjiga and received reviews from esteemed authors Marko Vešović, Ivan Lovrenović, and Hadžem Hajdarević.

The trilogy “Mračno kraljevstvo” (Dark Kingdom) is the first Bosnian-Herzegovinian science fiction epic about mythical medieval Bosnia, which has been compared to the Bosnian “Lord of the Rings” by critics.

Fahrudin Kučuk is also the author of a trilingual multimedia picture book titled “Čarobno putovanje kroz Stari Grad” (Magical Journey through the Old Town), which was published by the Municipality of Stari Grad in early 2012.

He is the author of “Abecedars” (1st and 2nd editions) for children, published by Mediaplanet and Adkard.

Three of his dramatic texts have been staged in Bosnian theaters, reviving the puppetry scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has reviewed and edited many works in recent Bosnian literature. He has participated in numerous cultural events, showcases of children's creativity, and literary events.

His stories have been published in the annual selection of the best children's stories “Stazama djetinjstva” (Childhood Paths) and “Planjax.” His novels “Patuljak Dado iz Popova gaja” (Dado the Dwarf from Popovo Gaj) and “Čudni gosti” (Strange Guests) have been translated into English and Albanian.

His most popular science fiction novel, “Mračno kraljevstvo” (Dark Kingdom), has also been translated into English.

Fahrudin Kučuk is the president of the Association for the Promotion of Culture FANI Sarajevo, which has produced several significant projects for children and young people, including puppet shows, children's theater, and the publication of several books, as well as the production of the Children's Art Festival FEDU, which promotes children's and youth creativity.

Fahrudin Kučuk lives and works in Sarajevo as an independent artist. He is the president of the Society of Writers for Children and Young People within the Writers’ Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He has received multiple awards in the field of children's literature and has been nominated for the prestigious Astrid Lindgren Award for children's literature from Bosnia and Herzegovina for the third time this year.

Published works:

  1. “Patuljak Dado iz Popova gaja” (Dado the Dwarf from Popovo Gaj), Connectum, 2004.
  2. “Tajna zvjezdane sobe” (The Secret of the Starry Room), Connectum, 2005.
  3. “Čudni gosti” (Strange Guests), Enkidu, 2006.
  4. “Dedo Hambo i mačak Bimbo” (Grandpa Hambo and Cat Bimbo), Zalihica, 2008.
  5. “Potraga za patuljcima” (In Search of the Dwarfs), Connectum, 2008.
  6. “Blago iza 400 vrata” (Treasure Behind 400 Doors), Mauna-Fe, 2009.
  7. “Edo u crtanom filmu” (Edo in Animated Film), Dobra knjiga, 2012.
  8. “Čarobno putovanje kroz Stari Grad” (Magical Journey through the Old Town) – a picture book, Općina Stari Grad, 2012.
  9. “Mračno kraljevstvo – Otmica kralja” (Dark Kingdom – Kidnapping of the King), TKD Šahinpašić, 2013.
  10. “Abecedarij” (Abecedars) – a picture book, Mediaplanet, 2013.
  11. “Mračno kraljevstvo – Čudna planina i bunar želja” (Dark Kingdom – Strange Mountain and the Wishing Well), TKD Šahinpašić, 2014.
  12. “Metle koje nikad ne polete” (Brooms That Never Fly), Dobra knjiga, 2016.
  13. “I životinje maštaju, zar ne” (And Animals Dream, Don't They) – a collection of poems for children, Udruženje FANI Sarajevo, 2018.
  14. “Bajke za djecu i mlade” (Fairy Tales for Children and Mothers), Dobra knjiga, 2020.
  15. “Glavni gradovi Europe” (Capital Cities of Europe) – a picture book.
  16. “Lutkar i njegova djeca” (The Puppeteer and His Children).
  17. “Carska kokoš” (The Imperial Hen).

Plaques and Awards

˝Honorary doctorate of the Institute of the European Roma studiesof Europe and researchers, Belgrade ,2022.˝

˝The Golden Heart- International award for original, highly artistic activity, for crystal humanism and God´s talent˝- World Foundation named after the poet Rahim Karimov

” Little Prince Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Implementation of the International Children's Festival Embroidered Bridge 2020 ”

“Suncani brijeg, Belgrade Plaque for the novel The Secret of the Starry Room 2021.”

“Charter for the Complete Literary Work and Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Children's Literature, Podgorica 2021.”

“Association of Writers of Serbia awards a plaque for successful cooperation with the Institute for Children's Literature.”

“Planjax Award for Versatile Contribution to Literature.”

Charter with the Coat of Arms of the Municipality of Stari Grad Sarajevo for Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Children's Literature.”

“Plaque for the Promotion of the Works Dedo Hambo and Cat Bimbo, by author Fahrudin Kučuk, at the International Book Fair Sarajevo.”

“Award for the best unpublished story for children”, Literary Conference, Bosanska Krupa 2021”

Theatrical Performances:

  • Three dramatic texts have been staged in Bosnian theaters, revitalizing the puppetry scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Fahrudin Kučuk's involvement:

  • He is a reviewer and editor of many works in recent Bosnian literature.
  • He has participated in numerous cultural events, showcases of children's creativity, and literary events.

Theatrical Performances by Fahrudin Kučuk:

  1. “Tko se boji mraka još” (Who's Afraid of the Dark Anymore): This play challenges the fear of darkness in children, conveying the message that there's nothing to fear in the dark. It unfolds in a magical atmosphere featuring a boy, a spider, a bird, a cricket, and, of course, a great wizard.
  2. “Čudovište iz pozorišta i lutkarova djeca” (The Monster from the Theater and the Puppeteer's Children): This theater performance for children is based on stories “Čudovište iz pozorišta” by Riad Ljutović and “Lutkar i njegova djeca” by Fahrudin Kučuk. It aims to introduce children and youth to the world of theater and educate them about opera, drama, ballet, puppetry, and the basic characteristics of these art forms.
  3. “Lakonoga u čarobnoj šumi” (Lakonoga in the Magical Forest): This is a musical fable about a curious and naive Centipede who gets lost in a magical forest and learns the importance of true friendship during her journey.

Oratory Performances:

  • “Tema za prijatelja” (Theme for a Friend)
  • “25 godina” (25 years)